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                    "Life is not a dress Rehearsal"

     Hello, Thank you so much for visiting my website.

     My name is 'Aine Boden pronounced " AWYNA" in the  Gaelic dialect of Connacht and  "Enya" in Gaelic dialect 

     of Ulster ............. I go by " AWYNA".


     I retired from my 30 year aviation career with The AGES Group, Boca Raton and Boeing, Washington, in 2015 to       move cross country and be closer to my family in Florida and I also wanted to begin painting and working on         life 2.0 before I got too comfortable and jaded.

     I have couple of books I am working on, a musical almost finished just working on music and a play in me

     I want to get written down and I couldn't see wasting more time in a career I wasn't passionate about anymore.

     I was born in Dublin, Ireland in the late 60's and was lucky enough to spend my formative years from five to           thirteen growing up in Lusaka, Zambia. I got to travel all over Zambia, Kenya,Botswana, and south Africa over         eight years and i developed a love of all things Africa and in particular the use of bright bright colors like                 yellows, reds and oranges in some of the paintings seen here on the website - " Zamalmustik" or "Zambian               Orange Magic". 

     During school terms from eleven thru thirteen I attended a Scottish boarding school in Perth. That was quite         the experience and I spend a lot of time studying Scottish and Irish history and mythology.


     This is only important as you will see a lot of Celtic mythological gods and goddesses of the Tuatha De Danann       represented. Thankfully in 1983 I left the Scottish highlands and Sacred Heart nuns for Ireland and

     Santa Sabina Dominican High School.

     Most of my career and life has been heavily influenced by a constant military presence protecting me. Great           Uncles, and a Grandfather in the Royal Irish Rifles, Uncles in the Merchant Marines and Air Force, and a                   tragically deceased Navy husband.

     Many years working on government aviation contracts at AGES and Boeing gave me a tremendous respect for         the military and a keen awareness of the PTSD many of our armed forces suffer.


     I have never thought about selling my art it became my therapy after the PTSD I experienced with my                       husband's death and then years of high stress executive position. My friends, family and everyone who saw

     my paintings started to encourage me to share my creations with all of you. Painting and creating these works       of art helped me to cope with my PTSD. I hope the journey you take with my art will help you in your path                to blissfulness. Let's raise awareness around PTSD, Art Therapy and make a lot of friends in process.

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